Michelin Man Game – Youth Group Games

Michelin Man Game

Here's a great youth group game that can be played with all your young people in teams or with just a handful of them up front - the Michelin Man Game. Here's how to play it: Resources Balloons Oversized clothing Rulers Preparation Get hold of some oversized clothing from a thrift store. You'll need at least one large top per team (either a T-shirt or … [Read more...]

7 Fun Outdoor Games For Teenagers

Outdoor Games For Teenagers

When the weather's nice, it's always fun to play youth group games outdoors. A few weeks back, we produced a list of great water games which proved to be really popular. Outdoor games don't have be wet though, so here are 7 ideas you can use if you want your teens to stay dry - but not necessarily clean! 7 Fun Outdoor Games For Teenagers 1. The Welly Wang - Strange name, … [Read more...]

Great Balls Of Paper – Youth Group Games

Newspaper Games

If you want to play a fun youth group game that can be used in all kinds of ways, give Great Balls Of Paper a go. It's active, versatile and requires no preparation - here's how to play it: Resources Loads of newspaper Wastepaper baskets or buckets Masking tape (optional) Preparation No preparation is necessary - perfect for when you need to switch from one … [Read more...]

Balloon Soccer Relay – Youth Group Games

Youth Group Games

If you like to organize fun and competitive youth group games, here's another one to add to your collection - the Balloon Soccer Relay. This is a great relay game for teenagers, but can be played with young people and kids of any age. It's therefore perfect for using even when you have a wide range of ages taking part in youth group activities. Here's how to play … [Read more...]

Getting To Know You Game – Youth Group Games

Getting To Know You

If you want to plan a fun team building activity for your youth group, here's a great 'getting to know you' game that your teenagers will enjoy as it's also a little goofy. Here's how to play it: Resources List of statements List of actions (Having pre-prepared lists is optional - this is something you could wing if you need a game to use on the fly or if you're … [Read more...]

Back To Back Balloon Relay – Youth Group Games

Youth Group Games

This week's addition to our youth group games is a fun and challenging relay game for teenagers. It's also a great way of encouraging team building between your young people by having them work together towards a common goal, in both pairs and as part of a team. Here's how to play the Back To Back Balloon Relay: Resources Balloons Cones / chairs Location If you … [Read more...]

10 Water Games For Youth – Youth Group Games

Water Games For Youth

Last week, we gave you a list of 10 activities that you can do for free with your youth group this summer. The first suggestion on that list was to organize a giant water fight. If you'd prefer to organize some wet games and activities that are a bit more structured than just a free-for-all, here are 10 fun youth group water games. There are brief descriptions of each of … [Read more...]

Balloon Hockey – Youth Group Games

Balloon Hockey Youth Group Games

If you like planning fun and energetic youth group games, this week we have a great game idea for you - Balloon Hockey. Here's how to play it: Resources Regular balloons (only a few needed) Long balloons (one for each youth with a few spare) Cones Preparation Blow up all the balloons Arrange the cones to make two goals at either end. If you don't have any … [Read more...]

Water Balloon Hot Potato – Youth Group Games

Water Balloon Hot Potato

For this week's addition to our collection of youth group games, we have another water game for you - Water Balloon Hot Potato. Here's how to play it: Resources Water balloons Bucket(s) Preparation Fill up the water balloons and store them in a bucket(s) of water to help ensure that they don't burst early. You'll need one balloon for each young person, plus a few … [Read more...]

Water Balloon Challenge – Youth Group Games

Water Balloon Challenge

This week we have another water game for youth groups - one that's designed to make a big splash! Here's how to play this water balloon challenge: Resources Water balloons Buckets - one per team Colanders - one per team Cones or ropes Towels Location This is definitely one of those youth group games that you'll want to play outside due to how wet it's going to … [Read more...]