16 Things To Do When Planning A Youth Retreat – Hidden Gem #8

Youth retreat

Today sees the last of our Hidden Gems - posts that you might have missed the first time they were published. 16 Things To Do When Planning a Youth Retreat If you want to take a group of young people away for a weekend or longer, there's a lot of planning to do. To help with this, today's (final) Hidden Gem has a checklist of 16 things to do when planning a youth retreat. … [Read more...]

Live Below The Line – Youth Group Activities

Live Below The Line Youth Group Activities

Live Below The Line is a global campaign that seeks to both raise awareness about extreme poverty and raise money in order to make a difference for people living in that situation. This week's session plan idea therefore has some ideas for youth group activities to take part in this campaign. What's involved? Extreme poverty is currently defined as having to live on $1.50 … [Read more...]

10 Questions To Ask A Youth Retreat Center

Youth Retreat Center

Q: I'm planning a youth retreat for the first time and am looking at a few different retreat centers. There doesn't seem to be much difference between them, so do you have any ideas for how to narrow them down? A: I'm assuming you've already taken into account the overall cost, on-site activities and the location of the center, as those will tend to be three of the main … [Read more...]

Should We Use The Same Youth Retreat Center Again?

Youth retreat center

Q: I was unhappy about something the last time we used a youth retreat center. I'm not sure if we should go back to the same place or find somewhere new - what do you suggest? A: Depending on the situation, I certainly can't suggest you return to a retreat center you felt uncomfortable with, but with good communication you may not need to end the professional relationship … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Sleep Is So Important At A Youth Retreat

Youth retreat sleep

Q: I'm leading a youth retreat and I'm not sure whether I should be expecting to get any sleep or not. Is that a normal part of the retreat? A: I know that this answer is going to strike some of you as a farcically ironic or a completely 'duh' kind of post - with one side thinking 'Who has time to sleep!?' and the other saying 'Of course you need a good night's rest to be at … [Read more...]

3 Reasons To Take Part In Youth Retreat Activities

Youth retreat activities

Q: I'm planning some youth retreat activities for later this year and have organized several activities for the young people that I don't want to take part in myself. Do you think this matters? A: I'm afraid it does matter! There are many reasons why it's good to take part in youth retreat activities, so here are three of them: 1. It Builds Trust And Relationships Youth … [Read more...]

The Youth Retreat Volunteer You Need To Have

Youth Retreat Volunteer

Q: I'm planning a youth retreat and am trying to make a list of roles I need volunteers to fill. Are there any roles people don't normally consider that I might have missed? A: There are many different roles that need filling by volunteers on a youth retreat. We've outlined many of these in our youth retreat book, but here is one that you may not have considered: Designated … [Read more...]

Top 12 Of ’12: No. 7 – Fruits Of The Spirit Youth Retreat Theme

Top 12 Of '12: No. 7 - Fruits Of The Spirit Youth Retreat Theme

We're currently counting down the most read posts on the Youth Workin' It blog in 2012. Today we have: No. 7 - Fruits Of The Spirit Youth Retreat Theme Our youth retreat themes tag is actually one of the most popular pages of our blog, having thousands of visitors over the last year. Of all the retreat themes though, this one focusing on the Fruits Of The Spirit has proved to … [Read more...]

Top 12 Of ’12: No. 8 – 40 Youth Retreat Theme Ideas


Continuing the series of our 12 most read posts of 2012, today we have: No. 8 - 40 Youth Retreat Theme Ideas This post previously made it on the list of most popular posts in 2011 and here it is again. As the title suggests, it has 40 ideas for youth retreat themes that can be used whether you're involved with faith based or non-faith based youth work. See the list of … [Read more...]