Self Esteem Activities For Teenagers

Self Esteem Activities For Teenagers

Self esteem is an issue for many – if not all – youth, so it’s no surprise that our self esteem activities for teenagers always prove to be popular posts. This week’s Best Of Youth Workin’ It is therefore a collection of posts relating to this topic. 1. Self Esteem Youth Retreat Theme – This […]

Ready Aim Starburst

Ready, Aim, Starburst! – Youth Group Games

Ready, Aim, Starburst! is a great youth group game because of its versatility – there are many different ways to play it based on how many young people you have participating. Here’s how to play it: Resources Large bag of Starburst candy Masking tape or sidewalk chalk Pen & paper (optional – to keep track […]

Youth Worker Interview Questions

Youth Worker Interview Questions – Part 1

Q: I have a job interview coming up. What kind of youth worker interview questions can I expect to be asked? A: I find that questions in youth work job interviews often fit into three categories: Questions about you Questions about how you work (with coworkers and youth) Questions about the specific role they’re asking […]

Water Games For Youth

10 Water Games For Youth – Youth Group Games

Last week, we gave you a list of 10 activities that you can do for free with your youth group this summer. The first suggestion on that list was to organize a giant water fight. If you’d prefer to organize some wet games and activities that are a bit more structured than just a free-for-all, […]

Who Am I Activities

Who Am I? 5 Youth Group Activities About Identity

The teenage years are an extremely formative time in a young person’s life and it can often result in them asking questions about their identity, wondering “Who am I?” This week’s youth work session plan therefore has ideas for five “Who am I?” activities you can organize to start exploring this subject further. Activity 1 […]

Judging people by their appearance

Judging People By Their Appearance – Youth Work Session Idea

A problem that affects all of us, no matter how hard we try, is judging people by their appearance. For young people, the desire to fit in at school and in social groups can sometimes lead them to make fun of people based on their looks. This week’s youth work session plan idea addresses this […]

Team building activities for teenagers

Good Team Building Activities For Teenagers

Q: I’m working with a new group of youth – what are some good team building activities for teenagers? A: Often, at the start of a new group or after major changes (graduation, new youth worker coming in or a significant rift/trauma within the group, etc), it can be beneficial to spend significant time, energy […]