How To Plan A Youth Retreat Book

How To Plan A Youth Retreat book

Since we launched Youth Workin’ It, many people have found our site by searching on Google for youth retreat ideas, youth retreat themes, etc. There seemed to be a large need out there for people planning a youth retreat, but there didn’t seem to be anything for them. We’ve therefore produced How To Plan A Youth […]

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Youth Worker Training


Shae has delivered training in the US, UK and Rwanda. She has a lot of experience with small and large group facilitation. Her public-speaking and group facilitation style is fun, interesting, practical and real. The training she delivers is practical and all the exercises and theory presented can be replicated with young people. She includes group […]

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Workplace Supervision

Be a Reflective Practitioner

The What’s and What Not’s of Workplace Supervision: What it is: A safe place for encouraging the reflective practitioner inside A structured time to focus on areas of strength and development in your youth work practice, your program management and your wider organization A space for bouncing ideas, venting frustrations, exploring solutions and creating an […]

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The Youth Workin’ It Team

Shae Pepper, Managing Director & Professional Youth Worker and Stephen Pepper, Operations Director & Volunteer Youth Worker Share this post with other youth workers Tweet Read More

Bullying Interview

I have the opportunity from time to time to appear on our local TV channel on issues regarding youth health for our City.  I’d like to share an interview I did recently about bullying- you might find useful information to share with your youths parents or other community members. I apologize for the fact that video isn’t embedded at the time of publishing- I will see what can be done to remedy this.  I hope you enjoy it. Share this post with other... 

Where We Are Now and What It Means To You

So, it’s been a tumultuous few months.  Our regular readers (if any of you are still around after the shockingly bad way we’ve neglected this site over the last few months) might remember that in September or October we mentioned the arrival of our foster daughter.  This was the primary reason for our drop in posts, additionally, we are working very hard to get a youth services non-profit going in our local area so I’m just gonna catch you up today and give you some... 

Guest Post on Drown The Noise

Shae’s written a guest post for Neels over at Drown The Noise, all about her role and vocation in both life and work as a youth worker. It’s a great read (although as her husband I’m obviously biased!), so go check it out here. Share this post with other youth workers Tweet Read More