Teaching Social Skills To Youth – Book Review

Teaching Social Skills To Youth

Tom Dowd M.A. and Jeff Tierney M.Ed. - Teaching Social Skills To Youth 5/5 A few years ago, Shae and I became group home parents. This basically meant that we were full time foster parents in a house of five teenage girls. The girls were there for a variety of reasons - some were in care, some were there as an alternative to juvenile detention, some had mental health … [Read more...]

Cell Phone Etiquette For Teenagers

Cell phone etiquette for teenagers

"You are not a rude person; do not allow the iPhone to change that." This was one of my favorite lines from the iPhone contract a mother gave her 13 year-old that has been circling the internet since Christmas. Janell Burley Hofmann had many other great suggestions for her teenage son about cell phone etiquette. Many of your youth will have received new gadgets for … [Read more...]

Goal Setting For Teenagers – Youth Work Session Idea

Goal setting for teenagers

Goal setting for teenagers is an important life skill. It can be challenging (like helping young people make informed decisions) because adolescent brains aren't as developed and therefore can't always reason out every possible consequence to their choices. But when you see teenagers set and achieve goals, it can also be very rewarding. This week's youth work session idea is … [Read more...]

How To Equip Youth For The ‘Real World’

Give your youth the skills to navigate the rapids of life

Q: What kinds of sessions could I offer to help the youth in my programs be prepared for entering the 'real world'? A: This is such a great question. We often work on skills with youth that directly affect their current circumstances. But for some of the youth in our programs, the future is rushing towards them. Maybe they're finishing high school or secondary school or … [Read more...]