Different Types Of Youth Work Around The World

Different types of youth work around the worldAs we mentioned yesterday, there are many different types of youth work out there. There are even many differences between the same type of youth work based on different factors.

For example, the work that you’d do with homeless young people in New York will be quite different to the work you’d do with homeless young people in a slum in Kenya. Similarly, social work with youth in the UK will likely have a different approach to social work with youth in New Zealand due to different challenges, cultures, issues, etc.

New Series

To give you (and us personally!) a better idea of the different types of youth work around the world, we’re starting a new series that will be published every Wednesday. Each week, we’ll be interviewing a different youth worker who will share about their specific type of youth work:

  • What’s unique about their niche
  • Challenges they face
  • What’s great about their type of youth work
  • Any training or qualifications you need
  • And much more!

We’re hoping this series will prove to be a useful resource to youth workers like yourself around the world, giving you a better idea of the diversity in global youth work and being an opportunity to share best practice with each other.

Get Involved

We’d therefore love to hear from you! We want to interview as many youth workers as we can in order to cover the different types of youth work. If you’d like to be part of this project, please get in touch and let us know what type of youth work you do. If it’s not an area we already have covered, we’ll send you the questions as we’d appreciate your expertise.

List Of Different Types Of Youth Work

Here’s a list of just some of the youth work niches that are out there – we’ll be adding links to each of the interviews as we go along. If you can think of any other types of youth work, let us know in the comments below and we’ll update the list with those too:

  1. Shae Pepper – Prevention Training Specialist in the US
  2. Gemma Dunning – LGBT Youth Worker in the UK
  3. Benjamin Kerns – Senior High Youth Pastor in the US
  4. Johnah Josiah – Youth Worker in Kenya
  5. Josh Shipp – Youth Speaker in the US & Worldwide
  6. Aaron Garth – Local Government Youth Worker in Australia
  7. Brent Lacy – Rural Youth Pastor in the US
  8. Terry Linhart – Youth Ministry Professor in the US
  9. Sam Ross – Youth Justice Worker in the UK
  10. Stephen Pearson – Deputy Youth Services Manager in the UK
  11. Shae Pepper – Girl Scout Troop Leader in the US
  12. Adam Griffith – Youth Worker in Thailand
  13. Rachel Blom – Youth Worker in Germany
  14. Laura Statesir – LGBT Youth Worker in the US
  15. Mildred Talabi – Careers Advice Youth Worker in the UK
  16. Neels Redelinghuys – Youth Pastor in South Africa
  17. Shae Pepper – Schools Project Coordinator in the UK
  18. Development education
  19. Homeless – crisis (thanks to Aaron for these homeless sub-categories)
  20. Homeless – long-term
  21. Homeless – health
  22. Homeless – government housing
  23. Housing
  24. Middle school youth ministry
  25. Jr high youth ministry
  26. Schools work
  27. Emergency foster parenting
  28. Foster parenting
  29. Youth clubs
  30. Urban
  31. Scouting
  32. Prince’s Trust (UK)
  33. Outreach / detached
  34. Apprenticeships
  35. After school
  36. Skills training
  37. Mission trips
  38. Prison
  39. Catholic
  40. Gang mediation
  41. Restorative justice
  42. Duke of Edinburgh Award (UK)
  43. Affluent youth
  44. Low-income youth
  45. Sexual health
  46. Sex and relationships
  47. Mentoring
  48. Tutoring
  49. Dance
  50. Drama
  51. Music
  52. Film
  53. Visual arts
  54. Youth journalism
  55. Politics
  56. Youth participation
  57. Youth council
  58. Social work
  59. Mental health
  60. Youth with disabilities
  61. Muslim
  62. Hindu
  63. Sikh
  64. Substance abuse
  65. Youth retreat / residential
  66. Slum
  67. Farming / agriculture
  68. Unemployed young people
  69. Career advice
  70. Activity centers
  71. Wilderness
  72. Group homes
  73. Faith-based scouting (AWANA)
  74. Sports
  75. YMCA
  76. Recreation centers
  77. Volunteering
  78. Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  79. Domestic violence
  80. Sexual abuse
  81. Physical abuse

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  • http://www.ultimateyouthworker.com.au Aaron Garth

    There are also a lot of sub categories in here as well.

    eg. Homelessness -Crisis, Long term, Health, Government housing.

    Great initial list though.

    • http://youthworkinit.com/blog Stephen Pepper

      Good stuff – that’s just the kind of thing we’re looking for :) I’ve updated the list to include those sub categories – cheers!