Flour Face – Youth Group Game

Youth work game flour face
Edward was brooding after playing Flour Face

Today’s youth work game is a great messy game – Flour Face. It can be played with just a few youth or even a larger group (depending on how many youth you have).

Items Needed

  • Bowl/dish
  • Plate (larger than the bowl)
  • Flour
  • Chocolate
  • Long knife (as long as the diameter of the bowl)
  • Towels

Set Up

Fill up the bowl to the top with flour – cram it in so that the flour isn’t loose. Put the plate on top and, while holding the bottom of the plate with one hand and the bottom of the bowl with the other, turn it upside down.

Remove the bowl from the top so that you have what looks like a flourcastle on the plate. Gently place a square of chocolate on the top of the flourcastle. The best chocolate for the game is something quite thin, so Hershey’s or Cadbury’s works well.

To Play

Youth take it in turns to use the knife to cut a section away from the flourcastle, but without having the piece of chocolate falling. They keep taking it in turns to cut until eventually the chocolate falls down from what’s now probably a thin flour-tower. The young person who caused the chocolate to fall then gets to eat it.


They’re not allowed to use their hands to pick up the chocolate. They have to put their face into the flour to pick up the chocolate with their mouth – hence Flour Face.

This can get really messy, especially if it takes several attempts to succeed in picking up the chocolate. It’s worth having extra towels on hand if you play this multiple times, as there’ll be a lot of youth needing to wash their face!

And – as with many of our game suggestions – take plenty of photos (don’t forget photo release forms)

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  • http://absoblogginlutely.net Andy

    Its even messier (if your youth like that kind of thing) if you dunk for apples first and then don’t let them dry their faces off before playing this one.

    • http://youthworkinit.com/ Stephen

      Love it! I’m definitely going to have to try that next time