Youth Work Blog Posts Of The Week – May 5

Youth Work BlogEach week we bring you a list of interesting articles from around the world relating to youth and youth work – here’s this week’s list:

1. Amsterdam News: New York students prepare for African experience – This article has details of an excellent initiative by the International Youth Leadership Institute where students from New York will travel to Ethiopia for a month. The great thing is that the focus isn’t on what Westerners can do to benefit people in Ethiopia, but how they can actually learn so much from Ethiopians.

2. TechCrunch: Crowdfund to pay for a low-income youth’s education – College education in the US can be very expensive, so here’s a great idea to enable youth to from low-income backgrounds to get higher education through crowdfunded donations.

3. Teenage Whisperer: Helping youth walk in other people’s shoes – It can sometimes be hard for young people to empathize with others – in this post, Sam gives some practical ideas to help young people think about others.

4. All Africa: Three youth groups in Gatundu (Kenya) get peace cash – This article has information on three youth groups that have been awarded funding to promote peace and empower youth ahead of the elections in Kenya.

5. Why Is Marko: 4 mindsets for staying put in youth ministry – In this post, Marko explores the mindsets you need if you want to remain in the same youth ministry role (although it equally applies for non-faith based youth workers).

6. Shine from Yahoo: Teen girl petitions Seventeen magazine to stop airbrushing models – Good on her! A 14 year old is challenging Seventeen magazine (and other media outlets) over the way female bodies are portrayed.

7. Youth HOPE: Business school starting in Myanmar – We had the pleasure of Skyping with Aaron & Kyle from Youth HOPE the other day and learned a little more about the excellent work they’re doing. This blog post details just one of those things – setting up a business school in Myanmar.

8. Pew Internet: Teens & Online Video – Pew Internet have published a report following research they’ve done into various online behaviors with some interesting findings.

9. Des Moines Register: Iowa youth address global hunger problem – This articles has the story about how 150 Iowan youth shared their ideas on how to combat hunger and poverty worldwide.

10. Adam McLane: Freebies for registering early for The Summit – Adam & Marko (aka The Youth Cartel) are organizing a conference for youth workers called The Summit. In this post, Adam has a list of all the freebies you’ll get for booking your tickets early. We’re actually one of the sponsors, so come say hi if you go!

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