Youth Work Blog Posts Of The Week – Apr 28

Youth ministry blogsEvery Saturday, we give a list of 10 interesting blog posts, articles and stories from around the world relating to youth and youth work – here’s this week’s list:

1. Examiner – Global Youth Services Day in Palmdale – Last Saturday was Global Youth Services Day. This article details the efforts of youth all over Palmdale who worked on improving their community in many different ways.

2. 13 ABC – Youth work to beautify Toledo – Another article about the actions of young people on Global Youth Services Day, this post and video has information on the 1,500 youth who beautified Toledo.

3. Gulf Times – 360 youth empowered by Rota – Also from Global Youth Services Day, this article describes how 360 youth in Qatar spent the day.

4. vInspired – The importance of storytelling – To celebrate World Book Night, this post looks at the importance of storytelling, reading and literacy, along with a video that details how they’re trying to do this.

5. All Africa – National Youth Week in Namibia – This is a really encouraging article about how young people with disabilities in Namibia are being included in the activities of National Youth Week.

6. SE Times – Youth unemployment in Southeast Europe – There’s a huge youth unemployment problem all over Europe, but it seems to be worst in Southeast Europe with over 50% of young people out of work. This article looks at some of the initiatives being run to combat this problem.

7. Leader Post – Get Youth Working lives up to its name – Also on the youth unemployment theme, this post has details of how the Get Youth Working scheme in Canada is having a positive impact on the lives of unemployed young people there.

8. Youth Leaders Academy – Dealing with disruptions – In this post by Rachel, she looks at ways to deal with disruptions, especially for youth pastors or other youth workers who are giving a talk.

9. Sentinel And Enterprise – Youth overcome obstacles – This article talks about the programs being run by LUK in Massachusetts to help empower youth.

10. Daily Camera – Boulder teens honored for volunteer work – And lastly, a post about 11 young people in Boulder, Colorado who have won awards for their volunteer work.

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