10 Questions To Ask A Youth Retreat Center

Q: I’m planning a youth retreat for the first time and am looking at a few different retreat centers. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between them, so do you have any ideas for how to narrow them down? A: I’m assuming you’ve already taken into account the overall cost, on-site activities and the […]

Should We Use The Same Youth Retreat Center Again?

Q: I was unhappy about something the last time we used a youth retreat center. I’m not sure if we should go back to the same place or find somewhere new – what do you suggest? A: Depending on the situation, I certainly can’t suggest you return to a retreat center you felt uncomfortable with, […]

How Much Should I Charge For A Youth Retreat?

Q: How much should I charge for a youth retreat? Quite a lot of the young people I work with are from low-income families, so I don’t want to set the price too high. I want to be sensitive to how much their parents can afford, but don’t know the best way to address the […]

How To Calculate A Youth Retreat Budget

Q. I don’t know how to calculate a youth retreat budget – can you help? A. Sure! There are a number of different expenses you’ll need to take into account when planning a youth retreat. Below is a list of some areas you’ll need to price out – they may not all apply to your […]

Youth Retreat Themes – Hunger

Coming up with youth retreat themes can be one of the hardest parts of planning a youth retreat. Over the coming months, we’ll be giving some youth retreat theme ideas for you to use. On Thursdays, we give free youth work session plan ideas. As the name suggests though, these ideas are based on shorter […]

Youth Group Retreats – When To Hold Them

OK, so you’ve decided that you want to plan a youth group retreat – the next question is when to plan it for. Where possible, we think you should start planning 9-12 months before youth group retreats. You can find out the reasons why in our book – How To Plan A Youth Retreat. However, […]

Get How To Plan A Youth Retreat for half price!

EDIT – OFFER HAS NOW ENDED   That’s right – for one week only, you can get the PDF ebook version of How To Plan A Youth Retreat for just $4.99. That’s an absolute bargain, as the paperback version retails for $17.99 and the Kindle and Nook versions are $9.99. Why would I want to […]

How To Have An Efficient Youth Retreat Check-In

In an ideal world, the registration process for youth retreats goes really smoothly. Young people are signed up for the retreat months before the event. Parents return registration forms and deposits in a timely manner. And the check-in process on the day of the youth retreat goes without a hitch. Like I said, that’s an […]

Are You Planning A Youth Retreat?

Are you planning a youth retreat? Do you need youth retreat ideas? Or maybe you’re short on youth retreat theme ideas? We’re pleased to announce that we’ve published a resource to help anyone who’s┬áplanning a youth retreat. The book is called How To Plan A Youth Retreat and covers everything you need to know when […]

5 Things To Consider When Planning A Youth Retreat Schedule

The Youth Ministry Garage blog┬árecently asked “How much free time should be given on a youth retreat?“, so I thought I’d give my take on it here. And my answer is…….it depends. I know, super helpful. It really does depend though on different variables, so below is a list of some things to consider when […]

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