Michelin Man Game – Youth Group Games

Michelin Man Game

Here's a great youth group game that can be played with all your young people in teams or with just a handful of them up front - the Michelin Man Game. Here's how to play it: Resources Balloons Oversized clothing Rulers Preparation Get hold of some oversized clothing from a thrift store. You'll need at least one large top per team (either a T-shirt or … [Read more...]

Great Balls Of Paper – Youth Group Games

Newspaper Games

If you want to play a fun youth group game that can be used in all kinds of ways, give Great Balls Of Paper a go. It's active, versatile and requires no preparation - here's how to play it: Resources Loads of newspaper Wastepaper baskets or buckets Masking tape (optional) Preparation No preparation is necessary - perfect for when you need to switch from one … [Read more...]

Ready, Aim, Starburst! – Youth Group Games

Ready Aim Starburst

Ready, Aim, Starburst! is a great youth group game because of its versatility - there are many different ways to play it based on how many young people you have participating. Here's how to play it: Resources Large bag of Starburst candy Masking tape or sidewalk chalk Pen & paper (optional - to keep track of scores) Location Ready, Aim, Starburst! can be … [Read more...]

Baked Bean Land Mines – Youth Group Games

If you're interested in playing a somewhat messy outdoor game, this week's addition to our list of youth group games should do the trick - Baked Bean Land Mines. Here's how to play it: Resources Cans of baked beans Can opener Masking tape Blindfolds Wet washcloths & towels (for after) Location Preferably somewhere outdoors with a reasonable amount of … [Read more...]

Human Battleship – Youth Group Games

Human Battleship

Are your young people tired of playing the same old youth group games and activities each week? If so, it's time to pull out the big guns (pun intended!) and play Human Battleship. Resources 2-3 rolls of masking tape Post-it notes Pens 2 sheets of paper Preparation Use the rolls of masking tape to create two separate grids on the floor, similar to a regular … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Toss – Youth Group Games

Marshmallow Toss

This week's addition to our series of youth group games is the Marshmallow Toss. It's a fun and flexible relay game that can be used with just a handful of youth or with a larger group. Here's how to play the Marshmallow Toss: Resources Marshmallows Buckets Masking tape Preparation Stick a line of masking tape on the floor. About 15 feet away, place the buckets … [Read more...]

Oats So Simple – Youth Group Games

Oats So Simple Youth Group Game

This week's youth group game idea is called Oats So Simple as it uses oats and... well... it's simple to organize. It's also a perfect activity if you're looking for a messy up front game. Here's how to play it: Resources Lots of oats Water Buckets (1 per player) Tarp Pens with lids or unsharpened pencils (10 per player) Towels Preparation Mix the oats … [Read more...]

Alphabet Soup Game – Youth Group Games

Alphabet Soup Game

This Alphabet Soup game is a great youth group game that can either be done with all the young people in smaller teams or with just a handful of them as an upfront game. There's also an option to make it a two part game if you want to make it a little more gross at the end. Here's how to play it: Resources Several cans of alphabet soup - one or two cans per team if … [Read more...]

Cracking Up – Youth Group Games

Cracking Up Youth Group Game

This week's youth group game is an eggs-tremely fun youth group game that will end up with someone having egg on their face (or at least in their hair!). Here's how to play Cracking Up: Resources 1 dozen eggs - 11¬†hard-boiled, one raw Towels or ponchos Two chairs Questions (see below) Number Of Players Four - this can either be four young people or two young … [Read more...]

The Marshmallow Swing – Youth Group Games

Marshmallow swing youth group game

This is a youth group game using marshmallows that's infinitely safer than Chubby Bunny, but is just as fun. If you have a small youth group, all the young people could take part in the game. Otherwise, it works best as an up front game with just a few youth taking part. Here's how to play The Marshmallow Swing: Resources Marshmallows Needle and … [Read more...]