Great Balls Of Paper – Youth Group Games

Newspaper Games

If you want to play a fun youth group game that can be used in all kinds of ways, give Great Balls Of Paper a go. It's active, versatile and requires no preparation - here's how to play it: Resources Loads of newspaper Wastepaper baskets or buckets Masking tape (optional) Preparation No preparation is necessary - perfect for when you need to switch from one … [Read more...]

Balloon Soccer Relay – Youth Group Games

Youth Group Games

If you like to organize fun and competitive youth group games, here's another one to add to your collection - the Balloon Soccer Relay. This is a great relay game for teenagers, but can be played with young people and kids of any age. It's therefore perfect for using even when you have a wide range of ages taking part in youth group activities. Here's how to play … [Read more...]

Back To Back Balloon Relay – Youth Group Games

Youth Group Games

This week's addition to our youth group games is a fun and challenging relay game for teenagers. It's also a great way of encouraging team building between your young people by having them work together towards a common goal, in both pairs and as part of a team. Here's how to play the Back To Back Balloon Relay: Resources Balloons Cones / chairs Location If you … [Read more...]

Water Balloon Challenge – Youth Group Games

Water Balloon Challenge

This week we have another water game for youth groups - one that's designed to make a big splash! Here's how to play this water balloon challenge: Resources Water balloons Buckets - one per team Colanders - one per team Cones or ropes Towels Location This is definitely one of those youth group games that you'll want to play outside due to how wet it's going to … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Toss – Youth Group Games

Marshmallow Toss

This week's addition to our series of youth group games is the Marshmallow Toss. It's a fun and flexible relay game that can be used with just a handful of youth or with a larger group. Here's how to play the Marshmallow Toss: Resources Marshmallows Buckets Masking tape Preparation Stick a line of masking tape on the floor. About 15 feet away, place the buckets … [Read more...]

Girl Scout Cookie Game – Youth Group Games

Girl Scout Cookie Game

It's the most wonderful time of the year...... nope, not Christmas - Girl Scout cookie time! In honor of these tasty treats, here's a youth group game that uses the best Girl Scout cookies of all - Samoas. Quick sidenote - in addition to her regular youth work job, Shae also leads 3 girl scout troops. She's therefore organizing several cookie sales and our apartment has been … [Read more...]

How To Play Bowl Hole – Water Relay Games

Bowl Hole Water Relay Game

This week's game is a great outdoor water relay called Bowl Hole. These types of youth group games are always loads of fun to play as they love the competition, as well as the opportunity to get wet. Here's how to play Bowl Hole: Resources Foam / polystyrene bowls - one per team, with a few spares Buckets - 2 per team Water Measuring … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Games For Teenagers

Valentine's Day Games For Teenagers

It's not long until February 14th, so here are 3 Valentine's Day games for teenagers that can be done with an entire youth group. 1. Set Your Heart Racing Resources Drinking straws Red tissue paper Scissors Preparation Cut heart shapes out of the red tissue paper - one heart for each team. How To Play To play this youth group game, split the group into … [Read more...]

Water Balloon Relay – Youth Group Games

Water Balloon Relay

This week's addition to our collection of youth group games is a water balloon relay - fun to play, simple to organize and potentially very, very wet! Here's how to play the Water Balloon Relay: Resources Water balloons Buckets Markers of some kind (e.g. cones, chairs, duct tape, etc) Towels Preparation Fill up all the water balloons and place them in the … [Read more...]

How To Play Spongehead – Water Relay Games

Water Relay Game

This week's youth group game idea is Spongehead, a water relay that ensures all your young people will get nice and wet. Here's how to play it: Resources Large sponges Large buckets Small buckets Water Measuring jug Towels Preparation Fill up the large buckets with water, put a sponge in each of them and set them out in a row - this will be the start … [Read more...]