I’ve Seen The Future – And It’s Wearing Boxers

University is changing In the old days, you’d go to university for 3 or 4 years. You’d live on ramen noodles (or Pot Noodles if you were at a British uni). You’d take all your washing home every few months for your Mom to take care of. And you’d come out the other side with […]

Previous Experience Required… But Not Desired

We’ve all seen it on a job description: ‘Those with Previous Youth Work Experience Preferred’ or ‘Previous Experience with Youth Required.’ Experience is becoming much more valuable to youth work employers, even for faith-based youth workers. Unless you’re planning to start at the bottom – with volunteering, an internship, part-time position or an entry level […]

The Mock Interview – Youth Work Session Plan Idea

So, you’ve helped your youth prepare their answers for a job interview and practiced dressing for success. Now, it’s time to put it into practice by giving your youth the opportunity to have mock job interviews with real managers and executives. Contact local businesses in advance and ask whether they’d be willing to be part […]

Job Interview Attire – Youth Work Session Plan Ideas

We’ve recently provided some session plan ideas about preparing youth for the real world.  We even shared one idea on how to teach youth to be concise in an interview. Job skills during the interview are important. But so is making the right first impression, which is why it’s important for youth to consider their job […]

Job Interview Techniques – Youth Work Session Plan Idea

When preparing youth for the ‘real world’, one type of skill that cannot be overlooked is job-readiness. Not only resumés, CVs or on-the-job training, but job interview techniques and skills. How to dress, what questions might be asked and ideas to help youth stand out against many others competing for the same role. One important […]

How To Equip Youth For The ‘Real World’

Q: What kinds of sessions could I offer to help the youth in my programs be prepared for entering the ‘real world’? A: This is such a great question. We often work on skills with youth that directly affect their current circumstances. But for some of the youth in our programs, the future is rushing […]