2 Tools To Manage Youth Group Behavior – Hidden Gem #7

Today we have the 7th of our Hidden Gems – posts that you may have missed the first time that they were published. 2 Tools To Manage Youth Group Behavior When you’re starting a new youth group, or have an influx of new young people to an existing program, it can be hard for the […]

How To Create A Group Agreement – Youth Work Session Plan Idea

If you want to know how to create a group agreement, this youth work session plan is for you! Creating a youth group agreement works best when you can effectively help young people make informed decisions. Resources Flipchart, large paper, white board, computer w/ projector or chalk board (depending on your resources available) Markers, pens […]

How To Manage Youth Behavior

Knowing how to manage youth behavior in your youth group is an important part of program administration. A group agreement outlines the expectations for the group and helps you manage youth behavior within the program (see yesterday’s post for more information on what a group agreement is). Enforcing a group agreement usually happens within the group itself. The youth […]

What Is A Group Agreement?

Q: What is a group agreement? A: A group agreement (sometimes also called a youth group contract) is a document that outlines what the expectations of the group are for the time they are meeting together. You might be thinking to yourself, “Wait, isn’t a group agreement just ‘the rules’? I already have those, so […]

The Norming Stage Of Group Development

We’ve recently been looking at Tuckman’s stages of group development and how they affect your youth work – so far we’ve covered the Forming Stage and Storming Stage. We’re now reaching the halfway point in the series.  If we were a group, we might just be entering Tuckman and Jensen’s (1977) Norming Stage. This is where […]

The Storming Stage Of Group Development In Youth Work

Carrying on the series covering Tuckman’s theory of group development, we are now to the Storming Stage of group development as identified by Tuckman and Jensen (1977). I would call this the stage where young people attempt to poke the bear. They question leadership and authority, look for clear direction and identified team roles and share opinions […]

The Forming Stage Of Group Development In Youth Work

We’re currently exploring the five stages of group development as identified by Tuckman and Jensen (1977). Today, we’re looking at the Forming Stage – a time when the group gets to know one another, tests the boundaries (both within the rules and with the leadership) and becomes more dependent on one another. Peter Barnes (2002:43) gives examples of what […]