Q-Tip War – Youth Group Game

Q-Tip War
Make Q-Tip War, not love

Q-Tip War (or Cotton Bud War for my fellow Brits) is a youth work game that’s great for your entire youth group, no matter how how many young people you have.


  • Masking tape / duct tape
  • Drinking straws (enough for one per person and wide enough to fit Q-Tips inside)
  • Q-Tips (cotton buds) – about 10 per person


  • Split the room in half with a line of tape along the floor
  • Put equal amounts of Q-Tips and straws on each half
  • Split youth into two equal sized teams

To Play

For the Q-Tip War, the two teams of youth take their places on opposite sides. Each young person gets a straw and grabs a handful of Q-Tips. When you tell them to start, they have to launch Q-Tips over to the other team’s half of the room.Ā As you may have guessed, they do this by putting the Q-Tip inside the straw and blowing hard to launch it like a missile.

Each team tries to launch as many Q-Tips to the other side – not just their own, but the ones that land on their side too.


The winning team is the one with the fewest number of Q-Tips in their half at the end of the game.


  • The Q-Tip War can take however long you like, although having a countdown timer can lead to a fun and frantic finish
  • Play some loud pumping music to create even more atmosphere
  • Make sure each team has the exact same amount of Q-Tips at the start of the game, otherwise you’ll have complaints about how unfair it is!
  • Have some spare straws on hand in case any get broken during the game
  • Keep an eye out towards the end of the game for any youth stuffing Q-Tips in their pocket to seemingly reduce the number on their team’s half. (Or maybe it’s just me who’d consider doing something like this šŸ˜‰ )

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Question: How would you make the Q-Tip War even more exciting? Let us know in the comments below.

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