3 Fun Easter Youth Group Games

Easter youth group gamesIt’s not long until Easter and this is always a great time of year to do some fun activities. In case you’re short of ideas, here are three Easter youth group games you can play with your young people:

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Get loads of plastic Easter eggs and fill them with candy. The number of eggs you’ll need will depend on how many youth you have, but try to go for at least 5-10 eggs per student.

You’ll be splitting the young people into teams and each team will be searching for eggs of a certain color, so if you’re anticipating that you’ll have four teams, you’ll need an equal number of eggs in four different colors.

Hide the eggs as widely as you can. Even if your youth group meets in a room that’s solely for them, are there any other rooms you can hide the eggs in as well? If so, do this but make sure they’re not going to disrupt any other activities or groups that might be held elsewhere, whether it’s in a church or a community center.

If the one room is all you’ve got, get creative! Hide the eggs in as many obscure places as you can:

  • Inside seat cushions
  • On top of ceiling fans
  • Taped behind curtains
  • Behind books on bookcases
  • Taped on the underside of tables

Once you’ve split the young people into teams, make it a race to see which team can find all of their eggs first.

2. Choc-Chuck-Bucket

For this Easter youth group game, you’ll need masking tape, one bucket per team and a large supply of Easter candy. Small chocolate eggs in wrappers are ideal, but jelly beans will also work (although you’ll need to rename the game!) You can use chocolate eggs that aren’t in wrappers, but it’ll probably mean you’ll spend much longer clearing up after as these types of eggs will break into pieces.

Put down a long line of tape on the floor, leaving enough room for all the youth to line up behind it. Next, place the buckets about 10-15 feet away in a line parallel to the masking tape.

Split the young people into teams, have them stand behind the line of tape and give each team the same amount of candy. Their objective is to take it in turns to throw a piece of candy into their bucket.

Either give them a time limit that they have to be finished by or just keep playing until each team is out of candy. The winning team will be the one that managed to get the most candy into their bucket.

3. Easter Scavenger Hunt

The final game idea is for you to organize an scavenger hunt. There are many different ways you can do this, the most common of which is to make a list of Easter-themed items for players to find and collect (or take photos of).

If you’re a Christian youth group, another option is to prepare a list of clues based on the Easter story, with the young people then having to search for the answers.

To make this activity nice and easy for you to organize, check out our sister site where you can find free Easter scavenger hunt lists, clues, riddles and more, including the two ideas listed above – check it out here.

Question: Do you have any good Easter youth group games that you organize for your young people? Let us know in the comments below.

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