Bullying Interview

I have the opportunity from time to time to appear on our local TV channel on issues regarding youth health for our City.  I'd like to share an interview I did recently about bullying- you might find useful information to share with your youths parents or other community members. I apologize for the fact that video isn't embedded at the time of publishing- I will see what … [Read more...]

Where We Are Now and What It Means To You


So, it's been a tumultuous few months.  Our regular readers (if any of you are still around after the shockingly bad way we've neglected this site over the last few months) might remember that in September or October we mentioned the arrival of our foster daughter.  This was the primary reason for our drop in posts, additionally, we are working very hard to get a youth services … [Read more...]

When Is Enough, Enough? The Youth Worker Expiration Date

expiration date

Recently Benjamin Kerns wrote an article about why 5 years is the ceiling in youth ministry.  It is a really good picture of what happens in many youth ministries.  It has been an experience I've witnessed in many youth pastors and youth ministers.  I agree wholeheartedly with Ben's assessment that we need to keep pouring into the next generation of youth coming up through our … [Read more...]

Grant Writing Basics for Youth Work Programs

One of the biggest problems that face most youth programs is the lack of funds.  Whether it's a large organization, a small non-profit, government provision or a faith-based organization there just doesn't seem to be enough money to go around.  And the thought of grant writing can be very daunting for many youth workers.  I mean really, we do the program bit and it's a general … [Read more...]