Competition Winners

A big thanks to everyone who took part in our competition yesterday to win a copy of How To Plan A Youth Retreat. We're pleased to announce that the following people completed the tasks set and so win a copy of the book: Amy G - Australia Megan VW - Tanzania Ciarán M - UK Clare B - USA Lydia M - UK We're loving how global the winners are, with 4 different … [Read more...]

Should I Plan A Youth Retreat?

OK, so when we say rock-climbing, maybe not quite this hardcore!

Q: How do I know if a youth retreat is the right thing for my youth program? A: Although often associated with faith-based youth programming, running any kind of overnight and/or weekend retreat can be great for your youth work.  Here are just 3 reasons why: 1) Builds Relationships Youth retreats or weekend residential youth programs provide a great time to build … [Read more...]

Win A Copy Of How To Plan A Youth Retreat

Youth retreat volunteers

Please note that this competition has now ended We're really excited about the launch of our first book tomorrow - How To Plan A Youth Retreat. To celebrate this, we're giving away free copies to 10 lucky winners. And the best thing of all - it's open to anybody worldwide, so it doesn't matter if you don't live in the US! How can you enter the competition? Just complete the … [Read more...]

Hunt The Spy Scavenger Hunt

Looking good sir, looking good

Before we start, a word of warning. When taking part in this game, don't dress up in a Mrs Santa Claus costume on the hottest day in history, in the hottest part of the country. You'll just end up with red felt all over you from sweating so much. Not that I did this of course - I'm just talking hypothetically. Maybe. A Hunt The Spy Scavenger Hunt is actually two games in … [Read more...]

The Most Important Subject In School… Really

And no. I didn't learn to type on one of these.  Kids, go ask you grandparents about this one.

Last week Stephen tried to convince you that Food Technology was the most important subject in school. Don't be seduced into believing it's smart simply because it was typed with a British accent! Clearly, the most important subject in school is Typing, which I took in the 9th grade. My mom made me take Typing class. I was so unhappy about it and not at all dramatic. I was … [Read more...]

Job Interview Attire – Youth Work Session Plan Ideas

Youth often think that looking 'cute' is enough- it's not in the world of the job interview!

We've recently provided some session plan ideas about preparing youth for the real world.  We even shared one idea on how to teach youth to be concise in an interview. Job skills during the interview are important. But so is making the right first impression, which is why it's important for youth to consider their job interview attire. As you know, the first impression … [Read more...]

Youth Workers: 3 Steps To Managing Your Workload

In the sage words of Steve Miller 'Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' ... in the future...'

Last week I talked about basic time management in your youth work or youth ministry and how it can help improve your relationships. Today, we have a few practical ways you can improve your efficiency in your own tasks and workload through personal time management techniques. 1) Make a to-do list It doesn't matter if you make it on paper, MS Word, your Outlook task … [Read more...]

Adult To Youth Ratios – Youth Work Q & A

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Q: What should be the adult to youth ratios used in youth work programs? A: The best advice I have is to check the child protection policy of your organization. Youth work organizations will often have a minimum amount of workers expected to be present with youth, expressed in the form of an adult to youth ratio. Most of the ratios provided by other agencies refer to … [Read more...]

Are You Planning A Youth Retreat?

Are You Planning A Youth Retreat?

Are you planning a youth retreat? Do you need youth retreat ideas? Or maybe you're short on youth retreat theme ideas? We're pleased to announce that we've published a resource to help anyone who's planning a youth retreat. The book is called How To Plan A Youth Retreat and covers everything you need to know when planning a youth retreat: Why run a youth … [Read more...]

Flute Beatboxing

Need some awesome and random videos you can play at the start/end of your youth session or in the background while they're playing a game? Look no further than flute beatboxing. Greg Pattillo uses beatboxing and his flute together, making classical music very cool. How about a little Inspector Gadget remix? or how about some Bach? or maybe you work with a youth … [Read more...]